Referring Patients to Delmont

Referring a patient to Delmont can be a simple process.  No matter which Delmont service you direct your patient to, we have created a general referral letter format applicable to any of these services.  This 9 point checklist referral letter can be used for either an open referral or a direct referral. 

By downloading this soft copy referral letter, it will save you time and ensure patients can be referred to the Specialist best suited to their needs.

General Referral Letter Word Format

General Referral Letter Rich Text Format  

We understand that every GP Practice is different in their procedures, thus there are two options of sending us patients' referral: email or FAX. 

Both options are received in an electronic format.  All referrals are handle in a private and confidential manner as all information. Upon receipt of GP referral. we will endeavour to acknowledge ALL referrals within 5 business days to the sender.

Consulting Suites


Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays:  8.30am - 5.30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays:               8.30am - 8.00pm

Saturdays:  8.30am - 12.00pm

If your patient requires a consultation from a specific Delmont Psychiatrist or Addiction Specialist, or you do not know a specific specialist for your patient's needs and/or would like a next available appointment with a suitable doctor,  we recommend the GP provides either an Open Referral Letter or Direct Referral Letter.

Email Open or Direct Doctor Referral Letter to:

FAX Open or Direct Doctor Referral Letter to:  (03) 9834 3666. 

For enquiries, contact:  (03) 9834 3600


Delmont Day Program (DDP)

General Practitioners, in addition to non-credential mental health specialists, can now directly refer their patients to DDP.  Upon receipt of an Open Referral, a Delmont psychiatrist and a DDP intake clinician will review patient's suitability for the DDP programs.

Email an Open Referral Letter to DDP to:

FAX an Open Referral Letter to DDP to (03) 9805 7395

The Open Referral will be processed by the following:

  • DDP Clinical Team will review referral's suitability
  • Patient's health fund check occurs to determine eligibility and cover
  • DDP Administration Officer will contact the referrer with outcome.

If accepted, the referral wil be registered and the DDP Administration Officer will contact the patient to schedule an assessment appointment.

For any day program enquiries, please contact Delmont Day Program on (03) 9805 7370

Inpatient Admissions

If your patient requires Inpatient Admissions (there is a minimum of 24-48 hours for all admissions), please either email or FAX either an Open Referral or Direct Referral Letter to the Hospital Intake Co-Ordiantor.

Upon receipt of the Referral Letter, the Hospital Intake Coordinator will acknowledge the receipt via email or FAX and contact the patient to provide further details for admissions.

Email Open Direct Referral Letter to:

FAX Open/Direct Referral Letter to (03) 9889 8696. 

For enquiries, contact (03) 9805 7390


Check your referral

We understand that it can be difficult gaining access to our psychiatrists. We aim to improve communication with referring doctors by providing quick replies and updates so you always know where your patient referral is.

For Consulting Suites referral enquiries, please contact the Consulting Suites on (03) 9834 3600.
For overnight hospital referral enquiries, contact the Hospital Intake Co-Ordinator on (03) 9805 7390.

Delmont TeamOur Multi-Disciplinary Team

Here at Delmont Private Hospital, we have experienced medical staff working across all areas of mental health.  Together, the psychiatrists, pyschologists , nurses, GPs, drug & alcohol counsellors, and various therapists, ensure the highlest level of quality care in all aspects of your patient's treatment.

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